Fox's Great Coat

Fox's Great Coat
CODE: C217 R2048/3.11
WEIGHT: 840/870 grm (30/31 oz)
TYPE: Fox Overcoating

Miles of this cloth was woven by Fox Brother's to dress our soldiers in The Great War.  Commemerating it's centinary, this cloth using the original recipe where there is no compromise in ingredients, as used 100 years ago. Chosen for being durable, tough and displaying the natural features of the kemp fibre.

The set of the cloth is taken from Fox's military archive.

Khakee in colour, ideal for making both contemporary and classic coats. 

  • 150cm width
  • Woven by Fox Brothers and Co. in the South West England
  • 100% Wool
  • Dry clean only
  • Your tailor will be able to advise of quantity of cloth required

    This West of England overcoating collection is all woven in Fox Brothers' Somerset Mill.  Fox has been weaving fine cloth since 1772.  The Cloth in this bunch uses 100% wool.  Using ‘Kersey’ yarn we have created a range of durable, yet luxurious overcoat cloths. The collection also includes the Fox Brothers West of England Covert Cloth.

    The overcoating cloths take reference for Fox Brothers extensive archive held at our Somerset Mill. The cloths are classic and timeless using traditional methods that Fox have pioneered over many generations.

    The weight of cloth in this collection varies between 500 grams to 1,000 grams.

    The collection includes ‘British Warm’, ‘West of England Covert’, ‘Chesterfield’ and the very British ‘Reefer’ cloth.

    In addition to being the original creators of flannel, Fox Brothers’ long and illustrious history includes the development of the serge drape mixture, now known worldwide as khaki, which was given Royal approval by the Prince of Wales in 1900.

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